Assassin's Creed: Bloodtide

Relive the Assassin's Creed experience in this Assassin's Creed RPG. Assassin's Creed: Bloodtide is a non-canon tale revolving around the storyline, and constant battle between Assassins and Templars. Follow your own destiny, in this epic RPG.
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 Assassin's Creed: Bloodtide Introduction

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PostSubject: Assassin's Creed: Bloodtide Introduction   Thu Jan 28, 2010 7:49 pm

For many, many years there has been an indirect, but ongoing war between the Assassin's, who stand by their Creed, by justice; and there are the Templar, who stand by their ambitions, and power. What kind of power do the Templar seek, that the Assassin's aim to prevent them from gaining? Nothing natural... Only advanced technology, far too complex for any Man to understand. This "power" mentioned by many Templar for thousands of years, is the power only the Pieces of Eden are able to grant a Human. These Pieces of Eden develop a devilish bond with the wielder, and bestows unimaginable power to the wielder against all others of his kind. In the past there had been heroes, various Assassin's normally in specific places of the World... From the third crusade, to the renaissance. Now, now there is yet another great conflict between Assassin and Templar, even now, in the modern world.

The year is 2027, and the Assassin's were able to unify in 2012, in order to eliminate a powerful organization notoriously known by the modern-Assassin's as Abstergo Industries in late-2012. The destruction of the Organization was a success during the time, along with its figureheads. The Assassin's; believing this to be true had disbanded their unification, for even they had to remain in secret due to the power the Government could hold over them if the Government discovered that a band of Assassin's were responsible for destroying a "Medicinal Company" and its workers. Many Assassin's had managed to live freely, and occupy the isolated parts of the World, bearing children, and progressing accordingly. Most of these children had the talents of their parents, but, their parents would normally keep their endeavors a secret... Life was starting back up for the Assassin's, believing Abstergo Industries, to be the leading Templar-influence in the World at the time.

Over the years however, the Templar had a last resort already planned, the destruction of the Abstergo Industries, and their apparent "inactivity" was all a ploy. And while the Assassin's had thought the modern-day Templar to be destroyed, there was actually a sister Company, known as Novus Unus Laboratories. Apparently a government-sponsored Lab, meant for genetic engineering, enhancement and testing. Even the Assassin's weren't aware of this sister Company, this last resort. So, while the Assassin's were spending their lives blindly, the Templar were expanding their influence towards the currently powerful American Government. The Headmaster of Novus Unus Laboratories is commonly referred to as "Dr.Umbra" certainly a shady figure. Even the American Government hasn't ever met him before.

Around two years ago, in 2025 Dr.Umbra ordered his Representative to gather Assassin's for testing, using an advanced form of the Animus known as the Animus 3.5. It was difficult for the Templar to discover the Assassin's but, they had numbers, and a couple Pieces of Eden. One which was popularly used to "sense" those the wielder demanded, giving off their location. They used this Piece of Eden to [one-by-one] gather more and more Assassin's, killing many of the older Assassin's in the proccess.

Now, history once more repeats itself, and Novus Unus Labs has gathered enough Assassin's to rediscover the map that will give away the locations of the Pieces of Eden that the Templar have been searching for for years. They use these Assassin's as mediums into the past, for only an Assassin's ancestor was more easily capable of having discovered the Pieces of Eden or those related years ago. Now they delve into the 17th Century, and uncharted source of memories which the Templar haven't touched as of yet... The past is a mystery Novus Unus Labs plans on unraveling, and they'll do so by all means.
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Assassin's Creed: Bloodtide Introduction
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