Assassin's Creed: Bloodtide

Relive the Assassin's Creed experience in this Assassin's Creed RPG. Assassin's Creed: Bloodtide is a non-canon tale revolving around the storyline, and constant battle between Assassins and Templars. Follow your own destiny, in this epic RPG.
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PostSubject: 1660s   Thu Jan 28, 2010 8:51 pm

1660s - It is 1669 In-Character as your Ancestor.

* 1660: The Commonwealth of England ends and the monarchy is brought back during the English Restoration.
* 1660: Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge founded.
* 1661: Mehmed Köprülü dies and is succeeded by his son Ahmed.
* 1661: The reign of the Kangxi Emperor of China begins.
* 1662: Koxinga captures Taiwan from the Dutch and founds the Kingdom of Tungning which rules until 1683.
* 1662: Jacques Aymar-Vernay, who later reintroduced Dowsing into popular use in Europe, is born.
* 1663: Ottoman war against Habsburg Hungary.
* 1663: France takes full political and military control over its colonial possessions in New France. Hooke's microscope discovers cells.
* 1664: The Battle of St. Gotthard: count Raimondo Montecuccoli defeats the Ottomans. The Peace of Vasvar – intended to keep the peace for 20 years.
* 1664: British troops capture New Amsterdam and rename it New York.
* 1664: John Evelyn's forestry book, Sylva, is published in England.
* 1665: The Great Plague of London.
* 1665: Portugal defeats the Kongo Empire.
* 1666: The Great Fire of London.
* 1667–1668: The War of Devolution; France invades the Netherlands. The Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle (1668) brings this to a halt.
* 1667–1699: The Great Turkish War halts the Ottoman Empire's expansion into Europe.
* 1668: Peace Treaty of Lisbon between Spain and Portugal recognizes Portugal as independent country.
* 1669: The Ottomans capture Crete. Your story begins...
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