Assassin's Creed: Bloodtide

Relive the Assassin's Creed experience in this Assassin's Creed RPG. Assassin's Creed: Bloodtide is a non-canon tale revolving around the storyline, and constant battle between Assassins and Templars. Follow your own destiny, in this epic RPG.
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Modern Day Factions

Novus Unus Laboratories

Background: Apparently Novus Unus was established around the same time the older Abstergo Industries was. It was funded by the United States Military, and directed by Professors, who are the descendants of Templar from the past. Diabolically it was to be ruled by the Vice CEO of Abstergo Industries, codenamed "Dr.Umbra" however unknown to the public in case Abstergo Industries collapsed. Abstergo Industries had eventually collapsed, which led the modern-day Templar to resort to their Laboratories, putting Dr.Umbra in charge, really, the only surviving Figurehead of the assassinations during 2012. They do a lot of Genetic Engineering, as well as enhancement, etc... And they are specifically funded by the United States Federal Government, the Lab itself is kept a secret from the general public.

Order of the Assassins

Background: The Order of the Assassins in modern times isn't really much of an Order. After the "end" of the destruction of Abstergo Industries, and the Templar the modern-day Assassins had all gone into hiding once more in order to avoid militaristic, or political authority over their doing. Many families of Assassins simply went into hiding, normally in exotic places. And, since they felt it was a means to an end upon the destruction of Abstergo Industries, they simply hadn't developed a unification strategy if time calls for it. They generally retired, however, some families of Assassins still raised their young in the way of the Assassin as taught by their ancestors. And they continued to remain active, and possibly still are. However, many of the modern-day Assassins have also been captured by Novus Unus Labs, and used for the extraction of memorial records of their long-term ancestors.

United States Government

Background: The United States Government has become more of an Imperialistic-form then it ever has been. Many of the Templar are actually the leaders in Congress, and the current President, President Walton Coveur is a Templar. He has been President of the United States for over a year now, and under his form of policy, and Congresses they have become more strict, and controlling, however manipulative. The entire World is nearly a 'democracy' due to the values the United States have pushed onto other lesser Nations, and their military is incredibly powerful stretching across the World. The President of the United States had also developed a form of control over the Americas due to various treaties and policy, Leaders in the Americas have become a part of. The USA is currently the most powerful Nation in the World.

17th Century Factions


Background: The Templar in the 17th Century have been doing business stealthily, not so much out in the open as they have done during the Renaissance and other times. They are incredibly powerful, and many of the World's Leaders are themselves Templar of the 17th Century, all out for one thing, the Pieces of Eden located mysteriously all over the World. They have many numbers during this time due to their "behind the scenes" work. They act as the puppet masters of the World's affairs, especially Europe's.

Order of the Assassins

Background: The Order of the Assassins during the 17th Century has grown, and expanded all throughout the World. However, their numbers are fewer, a lot fewer then the Templar. They still practice the arts of the Assassins before them, and still abide by the Assassin's Creed. They have a few "Assassin Bureau's" located throughout the World, they are the safe houses of the Assassin's. They normally all meet at significant locations if something vital occurs, however, these cases are rare.

Holy League

Background: The Holy League was recently established by Pope Innocence XI against the rising influence of the Ottoman Empire. It consists of various Christian-Nations including:
Russia Tsardom of Russia
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Venice (Italian City-State)
Serb rebels
Spain (Control the majority of Italy)
It continues in the current time period, and has halted Sultan Mehmed IV's advance into Europe.

Ottoman Empire

Background: The Ottoman Empire, led by Sultan Mehmed IV had gained quite a lot of power. Eventually, the Sultan was confident enough to invade Poland, which encouraged other Christian Nations to challenge the Sultan's power. This led to the Sultan's war against the Pope's. He is a very powerful and wealthy man. The Ottoman Empire is centered within Turkey, specifically Istanbul.

Kingdom of France

Background: The Kingdom of France has extended its borders, and has become quite a recognized, and powerful nation. It is currently being led by King Louis XIV, often referred to as the "Sun King". King Louis XIV is a major cause to the power of government overruling the power of the Church. He tends to do this through just means. He is also responsible for colonizing France in the Americas and other parts of the world, and defeating feudalistic remnants of French power. He is credited with the development of the grand Versailles, the French Royal Palace. He is a genius politician.

Qing Dynasty - China

Background: The Qing Dynasty is the current Dynasty in China. It's current Emperor is the Kangxi Emperor. He is praised by his people, and acknowledged for his various military victories over Mongolia and Taiwan.

Japanese Shogunate

Background: It is the Edo Period for Japan, ruled by the 13th Shogun, and descendant of Ieyasu Tokugawa, the one man who had unified Japan officially after the Warring States Era. They currently use an isolationist form of Government, keeping foreigners out. Nonetheless... This doesn't stop the Order of the Assassin's... Or the Templar.
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