Assassin's Creed: Bloodtide

Relive the Assassin's Creed experience in this Assassin's Creed RPG. Assassin's Creed: Bloodtide is a non-canon tale revolving around the storyline, and constant battle between Assassins and Templars. Follow your own destiny, in this epic RPG.
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 l'aigle-Dieudonné de France

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Assassin de Maître

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Character sheet
Name: laigle-Dieudonné de France
Faction: Order of the Assassins
Rank: Master Assassin

PostSubject: l'aigle-Dieudonné de France   Fri Jan 29, 2010 10:18 pm

Personal Information

Birthplace: Paris, France

Ethnicity: Pure-Blooded French

Name: l'aigle (pronounced: lay-gla) Dieudonné (pronounced: zjew-don-e) de (pronounced: dew) France (pronounced: fawnss) Altogether, l'aigle-Dieudonné de France

Alias: Assassin de Maître, to the Order of the Assassins,
and Archiduc de Marseille to Nobles and the Commonfolk. Those closer to him refer to him by his first name, some Assassins do as well.

Age: 26

Family Crest:

Personality: l'aigle is a calm, cool and collected individual. However, he can certainly be a bit arrogant due to his skills. However, he is overall an honorable man, abiding by the Assassin Creed, what he commonly refers to as "Les Principe's d'Assassin". He has a lot of mental, and emotional control. He is a very temperate in his behavior never reaching extremes. He is also quite the clever man, and an observant one. l'aigle isn't a Spiritual Figure, and is much like his Uncle, he believes there should be more power to the State then the Church, nonetheless, he does believe in a superior power watching over him, and the rest of humanity. l'aigle is also a certain man, always aware of what's going on, confident to pursue what others may believe to be risky, or stupid. He is relatively curious-natured, and a very intelligent, and perceptive man.

Physical Information

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11

Weight: --

Hair Color: l'aigle has dark brown/black-colored hair.

Eye Color: l'aigle has grey eyes, which always give off such a sorrowful stare.

General Appearance:

Faction & Rank

Faction: Order of the Assassins

Rank: Master Assassin of the Order of the Assassins

Years in Service: l'aigle has been serving the Order of the Assassins for the majority of his life, nearly 20 years.

Bloodline Trait

Eagle Vision: Yes, l'aigle has Eagle Vision, and he is able to use it very adeptly, moving around as much as he wants, as fast as he wants, with his enemies, allies, and targets always highlighted. l'aigle's eyes turn a brilliant golden color when Eagle Vision is active.

Advanced Eagle Vision: As of yet, l'aigle doesn't have an Advanced form of Eagle Vision, however, he is drawing near to achieving such power.

Gifts & Talents

Gifts: l'aigle has an incredibly high IQ, roughly around 210. He also has an amazing kind of memory, he is able to remember things that occurred, or that he saw three days ago in his thoughts, and draw it out, with everything in order, etc... His vision is also perfect, 20x20. He has a natural affinity to flexibility, and unusually anticipated reflexes. His mindset is also advanced able to sense danger coming towards him before it actually arrives.

Talents: l'aigle is a man of all types of talents. Throughout his life so far he has become a master at pickpocketing, lockpicking, acrobatics, jumping from wall to wall, roof to roof, etc... Resisting pain, through sheer will. A very fast runner, and attacker. l'aigle is a very skillful martial-artist, learning a lot of traditionally-mixed Styles from all across the World, due to his long-distant ancestry of combat techniques. l'aigle is a very quiet walker, and runner. He has trained his lungs to hold his breath underwater for extended periods of time. l'aigle is an expert Chess player, and he also is a master at horseback riding due to his royal background. l'aigle is also capable of speaking Latin fluently even though it is a dead language, as well as interpreting it at a moderate level.

Weapons & Armor

Primary Weapon: l'aigle's primary weapon that he most commonly uses is his families ceremonial hidden blades which were all passed down from many, many generations. However, he sometimes carries around a Sword, and/or a pistol.

Hidden Blades: l'aigle's Hidden Blades

Sword: Épée de Marseille

Dagger: La Jeune fille de Mort

Pistol: Lame Rapide

Secondary Weapon: I'aigle's secondary weapon would probably be his pistol, and sword. For he normally doesn't have to resort to using either of those since his assassinations are normally fast and silent.

Armor: l'aigle always wears a black hood over his head, the hoods tip is the shape of beak, and it dangles around his face. He traditionally wears a black mantle, and black undergarments beneath it, to ensure flexibility they are tightly fitted, but comfortable. He prefers using soft, silent black boots along with his black undergarments. He appears as a very shady figure.

Additional Equipment

Projectiles: Normally l'aigle has at least four smoke bombs, and 15 throwing knives at his disposal. These projectiles are normally kept hidden within pouches strapped around his waist; that blend in with his black undergarments. In one of his pouches l'aigle managed to gather makibishi from all the way in Japan. He normally carries about 35 makibishi with him at a time.

Gadgets: The soles and tips of l'aigle's boots release hidden blades. Also, both of l'aigle's black gauntlets had been modified to fire ranged weapons as well. The mantle can also work like a cape, and although it may not appear wild, and dangling, if triggered correctly at the right angle in a turn, etc... It stretches out frantically, giving the wearer a better chance of escaping. There is also a rope-extraction. Which quickly releases one long, black rope, out of a gauntlet, used as a whip, in order to quickly disarm opponents, or lash them by surprise. There is one rope extraction in each gauntlet.

Accessories: l'aigle always wears his families crest, which is a intertwining symbol of an endless bloodline of Assassins with the knowledge of the ages passed down. It is always around l'aigle's neck, and means quite a lot to him.

History & RP-Sample


The Birth Right

The Start of a New Life

Introducing Eden

Position at Power

RP-Sample: --
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l'aigle-Dieudonné de France
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