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Relive the Assassin's Creed experience in this Assassin's Creed RPG. Assassin's Creed: Bloodtide is a non-canon tale revolving around the storyline, and constant battle between Assassins and Templars. Follow your own destiny, in this epic RPG.
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 ROLAND [descendant]

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Character sheet

PostSubject: ROLAND [descendant]   Tue Feb 02, 2010 9:13 pm

Personal Information

Birthplace: Italy,Verona


Name: Roland Lombardi

Nickname: Ro


Family Crest:

Personality: He\'s somewhat cold hearted at times but that\'s because people treat him that way because of his appearance. He often fighting and has a short temper. He is funny at times when he wants to be well at least what he thinks is funny. When in his serious mood he seems a bit emo but that\'s just the way he is. He is also very interested in I guess you can say pervy at some points but he can restrict it sometimes. He has a vast verity of personality but the main sticks to his very talkative and protecting towards anyone in a situation which he thinks they can\'t handle.He sometimes gets carried away while other people are in trouble and he steps in to help.

Physical Information

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 164lb.[muscle]

Hair Color: Cold black

Eye Color: Black

General Appearance: He has a caramel skin tone and his eyes a pure black. He has black pearl ear rings in each ear and his hair is cut low and he also has cold black hair. He also has a loose black collar around his neck all the time which he never removes it has a chain link hanging from it. He also has a wristband on his right wrist when he opens his mouth always fangs are shown even without trying. He often scares people off because of it. makes his chain chime every time he is behind someone and want to scare them. Like a friend or something.

Faction & Rank

Faction: Order of Assassins

Rank: Assassin

Years in Service: 9 Years

Bloodline Trait

Eagle Vision: N/A

Advanced Eagle Vision: N/A

Gifts & Talents

Gifts: He has an incredible perception of speed and reaction to other movement. His attention to detail is next to flawless, example if he were to go out and leave his door nob half an inch turned towards the right. He would be about to tell the difference if one was to come by, do to the position of the keyhole. His scene of smell is also keen through generations his family having the wolf as there crest, their scene of smell were overly developed.

Talents: He is skilled in in acrobatics [Free Running/Pakour] He also has excellent sword handling and combat capabilities. At a martial arts complex as well as street brawling, his abilities in fighting exceeds a great deal of the Templar units.

Weapons & Armor

Primary Weapon:
The origin of this story lies with in the blade itself. The Sword was passed down from His Ancestor.

Secondary Weapon: Sharp Wire.

Armor: None Novus Unus Lab tripped him of all types of tools he used to assassinate his targets.

Additional Equipment

Projectiles: None
Gadgets: None

Accessories: His collar was passed down through his family with the broken chain symbolizing that no one or thing could hold them down for a long while.

History & RP-Sample

Subject Number: Subject 12

History: One day while out for a run coming from his mothers and fathers house he descended on his house and jumped from one building to his balcony and swiftly slid through his window that was slightly opened. He looked around and saw nothing but wreckage. It seemed as if someone ransacked the place and he ran to his room and went to his closet and threw open the door and glanced towards a corner and walked over to it and punched the wall and a compartment opened and out slid a slender box. It didn't like it had been moved but he looked closer his ability to tell rather it had been adjusted or moved. It seemed that it has and he quickly opened the box and snarled roughly, the contents that remained in the box had be removed and he was pissed. He then thought about where he had came from, if someone was after him they would probably go to his family to take them into captive and make him advance as the robbers saw fit. He then jumped out of the window again and grabbed upward, towards the slightly lowered roof and pulled himself up thrusting his body forward and back flipped onto the roof and quickly sprinted towards his families house. It would have been rather easy to track him if anyone were to see where he was coming from. It seemed to be a pretty much normal day from the beginning but that soon crumbled to pieces.

He arrived at the destination of his parents house and they were gone all the material possessions that they had remained behind. Yet it seemed that they had made a hasty escape.At that point he knew that they were safe suddenly he sniffed the air and a small dose of a metal that he had never smelled before was close. The door went inward and surged towards him he quickly stepped out of the way and men walked into the house with guns and a man in a lab coat walked in behind them. Rolando looked at them and snarled once more thinking that he was the one behind the retreating of his family. While in fact, he was. They took Rolando into custody and explained to hm that they knew everything about him and that they had been watching him for some time. They were the ones who had did that to his apartment. They are the ones who had taken his Sword, armor, and other things. He came to the conclusion that they were after something but had no idea the didn't seem to had any interest in why he killed, but rather interested in it. He found the whole thing strange. But they took him back o their organization and labeled him "Subject 12."

RP-Sample: Roland stood at the side of the car that they had waiting for him outside. He simply complied to their demands to a certain peak. He looked towards one of the men with guns and thought he's play a little game. By what they had said he thought that they wouldn't be allowed to kill him. "You're holding that gun wrong." The man looked at him and smirked as he pointed it wards Rolands head. "Oh really?" Roland smirked as well and kicked upward and smashed his foot into the guns barrel and it flipped out of his hands. He stammered back trying to get it back. It was too late as Roland brought his shin up towards the mans chest and winded him for probably a period of at least 36 seconds. He stammered back ever further and Roland walked towards where he had dropped the gun and he prodded his foot under the mid section and kicked upwards and span around, catching the gun in his cuffed hands, He then pointed it towards the man and smirked once more. "Yes really.....If you don't have a firm enough grip on your gun then you might just drop it. " Another man walked up and saw that one of his own was at gun point to the man that supposed to be held captive. His scent rang through the air and Roland glanced back at him and held the gun up towards the other man. He smiled slightly, enjoying every moment thoroughly. The other man that was at gun point first decided that he could easily pin Roland down while he was detracted and cuffed. The man ran up leaving all openings so Roland simply dipped and swapped his feet from under, being untouchable due to order the other man couldn't shoot. "Come now your that eager...I'll always have room for you in my heart." He said as he put the gun towards the man who had rushed towards him, now on the ground.
The man in the lab coat walked back out of the house and stepped into the car after he said "Lets go." Roland simply sighed and dropped the gun and awaited for the other armed man to open it for him. He walked over and opened the door and Roland stepped inside the car and sat on the seat. They then soon pulled out. He had got in a few laughs before everything got really serious.

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Re: ROLAND [descendant]   Wed Feb 03, 2010 5:01 pm

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PostSubject: Re: ROLAND [descendant]   Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:15 pm

Alright, you've done well.

I approve of this application.

Rien n'est vrai, tout est permis.

- l'aigle-Dieudonné de France
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ROLAND [descendant]
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