Assassin's Creed: Bloodtide

Relive the Assassin's Creed experience in this Assassin's Creed RPG. Assassin's Creed: Bloodtide is a non-canon tale revolving around the storyline, and constant battle between Assassins and Templars. Follow your own destiny, in this epic RPG.
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Character sheet
Name: Ruby Kimiro
Faction: Knights Templar
Rank: Magistrate

PostSubject: Ruby(done)   Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:32 pm

Personal Information

Birthplace:Florance Italy

Ethnicity: Half Russian half Italian

Name: Ruby Kimiro

Alias: The Vampire of The Templars

Age: 28

-Will sometime push people into uncomfortable situations
-A bit curious
-Kind (to Allies or people she thinks are allies)
-Doesn't like water very much
-Night owl

Physical Information

Gender: female

Height: 5"5'

Weight: 115 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: blue

General Appearance:

Faction & Rank

Faction: Templar

Rank: Magistrate

Years in Service: 10

Pieces of Eden

Piece of Eden: The Rosario, Found on a small rock island between Italy and Sicily.

Piece of Eden Appearance: A choker that is a basic black leather strip. In front there is a cross with a red gem in the middle hanging from a chain. The cross is the actual Piece of Eden. The cross had a ring so a chain could be added. Ruby turned it in a choker.

Power of Eden: The Rosario gives the user two abilities. The first ability if the ability to fly. The second is inhuman strength.

Gifts & Talents

-20x20 vision

-an experienced acrobatic
-master martial artist

Weapons & Armor

Primary Weapon: Two battle fans.

Secondary Weapon: None

Armor: Light

Additional Equipment

-Throwing knifes

Gadgets: N/A

Accessories: Nothing other then her piece of Eden

History & RP-Sample

History: Ruby was born in Florance Italy. She always like staying up at night. She was also an only child.Her family always had power in many places but Ruby never though about it. When she 15 she learned that her family was involved with the Templars. However they were. not in the Templars. Few years later when she was 18 A group of Templars appeared at her house. Apparently Her parents were trying to withdraw from association with the templars and they didn't like it. They let them withdraw but they took Ruby. The added her to there ranks, mostly because Ruby left with them on free will. Leaving her old life and going to a knew life. She traveled through the ranks quickly. After a few years of service the grandmaster gave her a piece of eden, The Rosario. Because of the Piece of eden's power and her being a night owl, people quickly gave her the nickname The Vampire of The Templars, thinking she was a real vampire.

RP sample: Ruby was sitting in a tavern. She was fiddling around with her Piece of Edin with one finer absentmindedly. She got a day off so she headed to Naples. She ended up here cause after sight seeing she wanted to rest. She was surprisingly the only one other then the owner in the tavern. She sighed and stood up and headed to the nearest inn.

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Posts : 42
Join date : 2010-02-05

Character sheet
Name: Ruby Kimiro
Faction: Knights Templar
Rank: Magistrate

PostSubject: Re: Ruby(done)   Sat Feb 06, 2010 6:46 pm

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Assassin de Maître

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Character sheet
Name: laigle-Dieudonné de France
Faction: Order of the Assassins
Rank: Master Assassin

PostSubject: Re: Ruby(done)   Sat Feb 06, 2010 7:31 pm

Alright, just remember, the inhuman strength will occur in its wielder only when you activate the Piece of Eden, same with your flying. With that said, I'm sure you will make a fine Magistrate.

I approve of this Application.

Rien n'est vrai, tout est permis.

- l'aigle-Dieudonné de France
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PostSubject: Re: Ruby(done)   

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